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[fic]: A smile a day, chase the doctor away! [Kira/Yzak - theme 11/50]

Title: A smile a day, chase the doctor away!
Claim: Slight Romance, Kira Yamato/Yzak Jule - Set #1
Theme: Set #1, Theme 11 - smiling face
Genres: General
Pairings: Kira/Yzak
Word Count: over 100
Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: Yzak was feeling grumpy recently, and Kira was trying to do something about it.


Yzak Jule's eyebrow twitched involunteerily; somehow he had a very bad feeling about heading back home tonight. For days, his lover had been scheming and plotting -- although, the latter revealed nothing of what was being planned. Yzak had known in his guts that something was being planned, and it would not settled well with him.

Indeed, the moment Yzak stepped into the apartment that he had shared with his lover for the past year; he found himself facing an innocent looking Kira Yamato -- his boyfriend for the past one year. Despite Kira attempting to look absolutely innocent; Yzak knew something was off -- the very moment Kira started eyeing him constantly.

Narrowing his eyes with suspicion, Yzak regarded Kira with wary erected on his features. Taking a deep breath and willing himself not to snap, he asked the dreaded question.

"Kira, what are you up to?"

Upon hearing Yzak's question, Kira merely smiled and shrugged -- before insisting that nothing was wrong. However, the truth was he did had something planned for Yzak. Nonetheless, it was planned with the intention to cheer his lover up. Yzak had been exceptionally grumpy recently -- and Kira was worried that one of these days Yzak was going to get sick if he continues to get upset over absolutely every little thing that the latter was unhappy about.

Despite Kira's insistence; Yzak was unconvinced of his lover's innocence. However, Yzak was too pre-occupied for the time being to press on the issue; thus, he decided to let Kira off the hook -- this time around. Turning towards the direction where his study was situated, Yzak paused in his steps only once to warn his lover that he was not to be disturbed under all circumstances before entering and closing the study door.

Kira was hardly surprised to find Yzak hiding in the study under piles of official documents -- since it would be a miricle if Yzak hadn't done that. Even though, Yzak had left specific instructions that he was not to be disturbed under all circumstances -- but Kira highly doubt Yzak would mind if he popped over later on. With that thought in mind, Kira set out to put his plan in action.

He had had nearly all preparations done for the plan to work; now all he need to figure out was to lure Yzak away from the never-ending pile of work and into the dining room for the candle-lit dinner that Kira had taken special effort into planning. Standing back as he admired his work; Kira smiled in satisfaction before heading towards the study and get Yzak out of the room to join him for dinner.

Taking a deep breath, Kira knocked on the study door and simply opened it without waiting for any commands to come from the occupant within. He entered only to find a frowning Yzak eyeing him with mild annoyance; Kira was unfazed by the latter's reaction though. He simply demanded Yzak to join him for dinner in the dining room and make some excuses that they had not had dinner together for ages; and that he misses those regular dinner time spent in the companionship of Yzak.

Yzak's features soften at Kira's words; true -- he had not taken Kira to dinner for quite some time now. Well, he supposed he could leave his work unattended for some time and enjoyed a peaceful dinner with Kira; especially if Kira had put in a lot of effort at preparing for the dinner tonight. Standing up; Yzak straightened his attire before following Kira out of the door towards the dining room.

The moment he entered the dining room and to find himself staring at the candle-lit dinner that Kira prepared; Yzak's eyebrow nearly shot up a notch. He was aware of his eyes widen visibly, although he wasn't shock -- he was indeed surprised by the extra mile Kira had taken to make this dinner a wonderful time for them. However, the moment he assessed the menu carefully -- Yzak could hold in his laughter no longer. Leave it up to Kira Yamto to come up with the idea of having a full course of 'Apple' dishes menu for a candle lit dinner.

Hearing Yzak's uncontrolled laughter, Kira was hardly offended but instead smile in satisfaction. He had succeeded in his task to bring smile and laughter onto his lover's face; for days -- his lover had no other outward reactions saved for frowning and cursing constantly under the breath.

As soon as Yzak got his laughter under control; they both settled down to have their dinner in peace. However, each time Yzak looked up at Kira and back down on the food piled up on his plate -- the former would ended up hiding his amusement behind a mock cough to prevent laughter from escaping again.


Date started: 19 June 2006

Date ended: 23 June 2006

Reviews/comments appreciated, Flames tolerated. A very crappy fic written at the very last minute.
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