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[Fic]: Growing up [Kira/Yzak] theme 12/50 completed

Title: Growing Up
Claim: Set 1, Kira/Yzak
Theme: Set 1, theme #12 - Father
Genres: General
Pairings: Kira Yamato/Yzak Jule
Word Count: slightly over 100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A so-called 'sequel' to my previous drabble 'Our baby girl'...


Kira Yamato was always known to others as sentimental, his best friend, Athrun had literally nicknamed him 'crybaby' for he used to cry over each and every thing in life. That, was however in the past, he no longer cried that much these days. He had vowed not to ever shed another tear again, when he resign himself to the fate of being a mobile suit pilot. Yet, tears were rolling down his cheeks freely -- and he had no ways to stop the flow.

How could he stop the tears of joy from flowing down his cheeks? Especially, after his 'adopted' daughter -- Alice, had just uttered her first word, 'Father'. He would not had been so touched if the term was directed at Yzak, his lover -- instead, the term was directed to him, Kira Yamato. That was why he was so happy, after all, he had no direct blood ties with Alice.

Then again, that indicates how fast their baby girl was growing up. That brought upon another wave of tears that went flowing down his cheeks -- this time though, it was the tears of sadness. For, Alice would soon be old enough to make her own decision and no longer needing Yzak nor his guidance.

All this while, Yzak made no comments about Kira's tears. Yet, he could not help but wonder how long was Kira going to stay in that sentimental state before the latter regained his usual self. Either way, Yzak shall stand by and observed the scene for some more time before interrupting Kira's current thoughts.



Date started: 3 August 2006

Date ended: 3 August 2006

Reviews/comments are welcome, flames tolerated. By the way, I'm short of ideas nowadays... so I can only try to come up with something once in a while; thus -- I might be late in my future submittion...
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