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[Fic]: Peaceful Time (Endless_future, theme 10/50)

Title: Peaceful Time
Claim: #Set 1, Romantic Relationship, Kira/Yzak
Theme: #Set 1, #10 - Early hours of the evening
Genres: General/Slight Romance
Pairings: Romantic, Kira Yamato/Yzak Jule
Word Count: over 100
Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: Kira musing on the past... while watching the sunset.


Kira Yamato was standing on the front deck of Archangel; musing on the past two years. Earlier on, they had just entered the atmosphere of Earth and landed on the Alantic Ocean; currently making their way back to ORB.

The Second war had merely come to a close a few days back; they'd been delayed on their trip back to Earth as there are many things that was needed to resolve before they were allowed to leave. First of all, being the position of the PLANT Chairman, following the death of Dulindal; PLANT needed a whole new council; fast and immediately.

That was only part of the problem needed to be solved, Yzak and Dearka position on the ZAFT squad will need to be re-assessed too; especially after their obvious ignorance to the ZAFT orders to take down Eternal earlier on. Then again, if they had not defended Eternal; Kira shudders to think of the outcome of the war.

Henceforth, after much discussion; the whole supreme council on PLANT had decided to let Lacus Clyne be their temporary Chairman until conflicts were resolved. On the other hand, Yzak and Dearka were given a infinite period of break; insistence on Lacus's part -- before their matter would be looked into. Lacus had insisted that priority should be given to the task of re-shaping the council and to throughly check for any terrorists or opposition parties; before discussing the roles played by their soldiers.

At the thought of it, Kira smiled a wry smile. 'Always leave it to Lacus to find a way out of their situation, that girl isn't one to be messed with'. Kira thought. So there; the whole group or rather, crew were now on their way back to ORB.

Kira was so engrossed in his thoughts, that he had not noticed how fast time had passed; nor did he noticed another presence by his side. That was until he heard an unmistaken sound of someone clearing his throat, did he looked towards his side. Standing beside him, with a smirk and an eyebrow arched; was one very amused Yzak Jule.

Kira said nothing but frowned; wondering what the latter was doing up here on the deck. As if sensing Kira's question, Yzak responded dryly.

"Just to enlighten you; dinner is ready. I've been send up here by your dear friend; Athrun Zala; on the death threat to get you down for dinner. "

"Death threat?" Now, Kira was baffled.

Throwing a mock glare in Kira's direction, Yzak responded in mock anger. "That guy threaten to throw me into the ocean if I failed to get you down for dinner."

"Aa..." Kira responded, not knowing what to made of the situation. Having done what he'd been requested to do, Yzak turned on his heels aruptly and leaving the deck swiftly. Kira had obviously not been paying much attention; for if he did pay attention to the other young man, he would have caught sight of the unmistakenable slight hinge of pink on Yzak.


Date started: 05/04/06

Date completed: 05/04/06

Reviews/comments appreciated, Flames tolerated. Unbeta-ed.
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