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Kira x Athrun - Set #1 - #29:Beautiful

Title: Beautiful
Claim: Kira Yamato x Athrun Zala
Theme: Set #1 - #29:Beautiful
Genres: Romance
Pairings: KiraxAthrun
Word Count: 570
Rating: T (for attraction between males)
Summary: Kira watches Athrun from afar near a patch of Sakura trees and muses over Athrun's alluring beauty. (Kira's POV)



-Kira’s POV-

I sat atop the sunlit hill by the patch of Sakura trees, which were lightly shedding their petals. The light pink flowers fluttered to the ground like snow in the wintertime, gathering on the grass and forming a bright new layer. My eyes fell to the navy-haired boy who came to the same spot every week, always at the same time no matter what season. He sat under the largest and most fully bloomed tree of the patch, writing in the book he always brought with him. Sometimes the petals would catch in his blue hair but he wouldn’t budge, he just kept writing.

I didn’t know his name or hear his voice at all. I had a strange fear that if I approached him he wouldn’t be interested in what I had to say or I would never see him again. I guess it’s a little silly, but seeing him under that same tree every week makes me unusually happy. It seems the blue-haired boy had put some kind of spell on me, as if every time I lay my eyes on him I’m not able to leave or look away. He was admittedly, very alluring indeed.

Whenever a breeze passed by, his navy hair would move and I could get a better view of his face, the glowing tint of his ivory flesh and his lips that looked as soft and pink as the petals that fell from the trees. I always mused if his skin felt as radiant as it appeared. If I ever did get the chance to touch him, I would relish that moment as if it were the last day of my life.

His spell was drawing me in deeper…

I wondered what color his eyes were… I was sure that they would be as breathtaking as his looks. I ran a hand through my hair, sighing lightly. I sound like a hopeless romantic… Dreaming of something beautiful that’s right in front of me, yet at the same time, out of my reach.

Just then, I saw him look up towards me, our vision connected for a split second which seemed like an eternity to me, and I felt my heart melt. Emeralds. His head turned back to his writing as if he wasn’t looking at me at all, just glancing at the sky for inspiration.

I watched him stand up and brush the stray petals off his clothes, before placing his things back in the bag he carried along, and walked away. Then I felt my heart sink…

The sun was setting on the horizon and the patch of Sakura trees became darkened with shadows. It was almost like nature was sympathizing with me… Now that the beautiful blue-haired boy left, the petals lost their radiant pink hue and fell to the ground like tears mourning his departure. I too nearly felt like crying. My heart ached with emptiness, wishing that I could see him just one more time before the sun sets…

I stood up, deciding it was probably time to start heading home, but when I turned around…

There he stood, not more than ten feet away from me, smiling gently as his emerald eyes reflected the hazy sunset. I smiled back, brighter than ever, as I felt the emptiness that took place in my heart instantly vanish.

The blue-haired boy’s spell would never wear off on me…

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