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~* Endless Future *~

A Gundam SEED/DESTINY themes community

Endless Future - Gundam SEED themes community
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All Members , Moderated
Hello and welcome to endless_future a community in the mold of iy_no_kakera, beat_of_destiny and the multitude of other theme based communities that have shown up as of late. This community is exclusive to Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny. You can write stories or draw fanart here to fit the themes given. That's right, both fanfic and fanart are welcome here. You can even do both if you wish.

So let's get claiming!

Here's what you're allowed to claim for writing:

Characters: If you claim a character you are to do pieces that feature your character as the focal point. Writing romance is perfectly okay, although variating on what kind of scenarios you put your character in is what we hope for. For example, if you claim Kira- you can write as many pieces with the Kira/Lacus pairing as a part of it as you wish, but remember that you've claimed a character and not a pairing. And as such Kira as a person should always be the focus. It should never be to the point where we wonder if you've claimed the pairing instead of the character.

Pairings: A pairing can be written in any way you feel, and the pieces do not need to always be heavy on the romance. I.E.- If you've claimed Athrun/Cagalli, you can present pieces exploring their romantic feelings, but you can also submit pieces that play off their friendship.

Relationships: Since life isn't all about romance and friendships are important as well, the option of claiming a platonic relationship is open also. This is not limited to two characters, so claiming something like Auel, Sting and Stellar or Yzak, Dearka, Nicol and Athrun is welcome. These fics cannot delve into romantic territory among the members of the group, but can involve romance with people outside the claim. (I.E. If you wish to have Stellar thinking about Shinn in a romantic light in a piece, that's fine. But she can't be pondering a threesome with her buddies.) That's what pairings are for. If you're claiming a friendship, please state 'platonic' or 'friendship' in your request.

There are two sets of themes you may select from:
Set #1
Set #2

You must pick one of these sets and specify which one you are going with. If you do complete the full 50 for a claim, you are allowed to "carry over" the claim and complete the other 50 themes for a full 100.

If you'd like to claim more than one request, that's fine.

Here's the guidelines on that:

Two claims are allowed. These can be two characters, two pairings, or one of each.

If you'd like additional claims, there is a loophole for you. The reason only two claims are allowed is so everything sought after doesn't get snatched too soon. But if you have some claims in mind that involve minor characters or obscure or unpopular pairings, you can snatch up two of those as well. If you have a question about what would be considered okay for those, just ask me in the claim post.

So an example:

"I would like to claim Shinn/Stellar and use Set #1, Mwuu La Fllaga and use set #1 as well. I'd also like to snag a couple minor characters ones. I'd like to grab the platonic relationship between Shani, Orga and Crot for set #1 and Tolle Koenig for set #2."

Once you have made your claims and I've approved them, you are free to write!

There's no way I can write 50 fics...

That's fine. Once you've done all you believe you can for a character (whether that be fifteen pieces or forty-five), just let me know in the request post. Your character/pairing will be placed up for grabs again for other members to try their hands at, and you can claim something new if you wish.

Can I have a joint claim with another member?

Sure! If you and a friend want to team up on a claim, that's a-okay with me. Whether you both write 25 for it, co-write all 50 or have one draw fanart for the other's fanfiction- any of those team-up combos will work. Just let me know when you sign up the two usernames of the people wanting the claim.

Can I use more than one theme per story?

If you have an idea that seems to equally fit about two themes, then go right ahead. Just try not to use over three themes per story ^^;

Can I crosslink this to ff.net/my own journal?

As long as the journal you're linking to isn't friends-locked, that's fine with me. Just fill out the format below then link to whereever you wish ^^

What's the time limit for this?

We encourage you to try and write a least one entry for your claim every three months.

So now that you've officialized your claim, this is how you post your fics:

Theme: (For example "Set #1, Theme #13, Going home)
Pairings: (Please list all that apply. If a surprise pairing is absolutely needed for impact, please list either "surprise pairing" or Name/???)
Word Count: (can be everything from 100 word drabbles up)
Rating: (If it's a higher rated fic you may want to say something like "R for violence." )

And of course an LJ-cut.

Every member should try to make themselves an active participant, so comment to stories as much as you find the time. It means a lot to an author.

Other Clarifications:

We accept all genre, all rating, all pairing, but please be kind enough to label any potential 'squicks' such as non-con, death fic, or loli and shouta-con.

Alternate Universe is perfectly a-okay, as is alternate reality.

Constructive critique is okay, but it needs to be kept polite. Character/Pairing bashing is an absolute no.

And of course- Het, Yaoi, Yuri... all are equally welcome. ^^

Go forth and claim!


Claims so far:

Set #1:

Athrun Zala - manik_semiramis
Auel Neider - chibichimp
Cagalli Yula Athha - snapple
Gilbert Dullindal - pantstacular
Heine Westenfluss- magnolia_ceres
Kira Yamato - kira_mali
Lacus Clyne - haro
Meer Campbell - haro & abarero
Mwuu La Fllaga - infinityblade
Rey za Burrel - semecucumber
Shinn Asuka - uzuhi
Ssigh Argyle - pantstacular
Stellar Loussier - after_tears

Andrew Waltfeld x Aisha - abarero
Athrun Zala x Shinn Asuka - lina_lau & aestalitz
Athrun Zala x Yzak Jule - dieux
Auel Neider x Stellar Loussier - thunderchild
Dearka Elthman x Yzak Jule - chibichimp
Gilbert Dullindal x Kira Yamato - tenohikari
Gilbert Dullindal x Rey za Burrel - dilettantka
Heine Westenfluss x Athrun Zala - recurrence
Kira Yamato x Athrun Zala - aoi_no_tenshi
Kira Yamato x Cagalli Yula Athha - shiina_nozumo
Kira Yamato x Lacus Clyne - haro
Kira Yamato x Shinn Asuka - tatooine
Kira Yamato x Yzak Jule - jgal87
Miguel Aiman x Heine Westenfluss - carrythelight
Sting Oakley x Auel Neider - chibichimp

Platonic Relationships:
Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yula Athha - cagalli_chan
Athrun Zala & Kira Yamato - lostdoll
Mwuu La Fllaga & Raww le Klueze - lightpipe

Set #2:

Auel Neider - thunderchild
Cagalli Yula Athha - ariake
Crot Buer - dilettantka
Kira Yamato - infinityblade
Meer Campbell - caroline106
Natarle Badgiruel - lightpipe
Nicol Amarfi - lostdoll
Shinn Asuka - sublimeparadigm
Yuuna Roma Serian - pantstacular
Yzak Jule - abarero

Athrun Zala x Lacus Clyne - shiroibara
Athrun Zala x Shinn Asuka - tatooine
Athrun Zala x Yzak Jule - couragebailey
Dearka Elthman x Yzak Jule - yzak
Gilbert Dullindal x Rey za Burrel - dieux
Kira Yamato x Athrun Zala - itaintrite
Kira Yamato x Cagalli Yula Athha - angrycherokee
Kira Yamato x Lacus Clyne - cagalli_chan
Miguel Aiman x Shiho Hahnenfuss - kagu_chan
Mwuu La Fllaga x Murrue Ramius - pantstacular
Rey Za Burrel x Lunamaria Hawke - festivewind
Shinn Asuka x Cagalli Yula Athha - cloudedge
Shinn Asuka x Meyrin Hawke - infinityblade
Shinn Asuka x Rey za Burrel - ataraxistence
Tolle Koenig x Miriallia Haww - lacus & yzak

Platonic Relationships:
Sting Oakley & Auel Neider - abarero


Completed Claims:

Set #2:
Gilbert Dullindal x Talia Gladys - artlessbaka

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